CF405S Donkey Anti-Goat, highly cross-adsorbed

CF405S Donkey Anti-Goat, highly cross-adsorbed size: 1 MG 275

Supplier BIOTIOM
Price 275
Size 1 MG
Description highly cross-adsorbed, CF405S Donkey Anti-Goat
CategoryCF Dye Antibodies
Shipping temperature15°, C, C to 30°
Shipping conditionsn/a
Storage-30°, C, C to -2°
Hazard pictogram GHS08 systemic health hazards, GHS07 exclamation mark
Signal word Danger, Warning
Hazard statementsH315 Causes skin irritation H319 Causes serious eye irritation H335 May cause respiratory irritation H373 Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure category 2 ( lungs) H372 Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure category 1 (gastrointestinal) (oral)
Latin name Capra aegagrus hircus, Equus africanus asinus
Gene targetCF405S highly cross-adsorbed
Short name highly cross-adsorbed, CF405S Anti-Goat
Technique goats, Goat
Host Donkeys or Equus africanus asinus are often used as host species to raise antibodies, Even Equus ferus or horse antibodies are different than donkey antibodies since we know horse anti donkey IgGs, For immunohistochemistry it is useful to use an anti-donkey or horse block if your primary antibody is a donkey anti-human, It are very good secondary antibodies that are affinity purified and have a good affinity themselves too, Often KLH is coupled to the antigen so anti KLH can be present in the vial, The goat polyclonal antibodies are directed against human genes or rabbit or mouse IgGs (H +L) chain primary antibodies and conjugated for detection, We provide also anti-donkey as a species antibodies and ELISA kits, Goat
Species Goats, Donkeys
Alternative name very cross-adsorbed, CF405S Donkey antibody to-caprine
Alternative techniquecaprine

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