MTT (2,3-BIS-(2-METHOXY-4-NITRO-5-SULFOP size: 100 MG 111

Supplier BIOTIOM
Price 111
Size 100 MG
Description3-BIS-(2-METHOXY-4-NITRO-5-SULFOP, MTT (2
CategoryReductase substrates
Shipping temperature15°, C, C to 30°
Shipping conditionsn/a
Storage-30°, C, C to -2°
Hazard pictogram GHS08 systemic health hazards, GHS07
Signal word Danger, Warning
Hazard statementsH315 Causes skin irritation, H319 Causes serious eye irritation, H335 May cause respiratory irritation
Gene target3-BIS (2-METHOXY-4-NITRO-5-SULFOP, MTT (2
Short name3-BIS-(2-METHOXY-4-NITRO-5-SULFOP, MTT (2
Alternative name3-BIS-(2-METHOXY-4-NITRO-5-SULFOP, MTT (2

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