Online from our office in San Jose, Ca or for Europe from Belgium or your country. The easiest way for your accounting is to order from your country by credit card Fax to any Gentaur Genprice fax number and we will invoice your order from your country except if you indicate a different country. Four all other countries we will invoice from Brussels, Europe Fax 0032 16 50 90 45 or San Jose, Ca USA Email lieven@gentaur.com with the catalog number name size price, shipping and billing address and your internal order number if needed. Telephone is used to give credit card information, ask delivery times, advice for similar products and to transmit your order over the phone to an operator, PhD in Biotechnology. Chat with an operator to transmit your order.

Visit us If you prefer cash payment you can visit us any time in Brussels, Sopot, Sofia or San Jose, Ca for picking up your orders, it will save shipping and we can offer you advice. We accept cash, credit card, cheque and wire transfer. Any order receive before Friday 15:30 will be processed on Friday evening and delivered next week Tuesday, Wednesday or the week after. We never deliver on Mondays and only room temperature products on Friday. Most products are delivered next week, only 10% after 2 weeks and 5% will have some longer delay. We usually can give you over the phone more information next Monday to see if you can start your experiment on Tuesday, Wednesday.


If I lost or broke the product because I made a mistake.

Please contact us anyway. In some cases even if you made mistakes we can offer very attractive discounts, free replacements a credit for future purchases to help your research succeed.

If I think upfront the test may fail but you want to try the product anyway.

Please contact us to see whether we can discount you on result exchange basis

Elisa kit or antibody selection audit

For a lot of reagents there are too much 1 options.
No worry we standard supply you with an excel sheet with the options you have, pro and contra arguments to help you making your choice.

PayPal Acceptable Use Policy

Payment Methods

We support several payment methods which include:
- Major credit cards and pre-paid credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress
- Many debit cards that can be processed as credit.
- PayPal for selected countries.
- Deferred payment in 30 days NET end of the month. After this date an amount of 1.5% per month will be added.
- We accept also payment by bank transfer.
- For dry ice packaging and shipping we charge extra 25 €.
- Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
- All products remain property of Gentaur until entire payment of the invoice.

Shipping charges

For Belgium customers shipping is free for orders over 350 Euro.
For countries members of European Union shipping is free for orders over 650 Euro
If a product requires to be shipped under dry ice, an additional fee of 25 Euro is added to the invoice.
Shipping charges are as follows for the below countries:

Shipping Cost Europe

1 kit (5kg) 3 kits (10kg)
Austria 40 € 50 €
Belgium 15 € 15 €
Bulgaria 65 € 90 €
Czech Republic 50 € 70 €
Denmark 30 € 40 €
England £ 15 £ 30
Estonia 45 € 70 €
Finland 40 € 50 €
France 30 € 40 €
Germany 30 € 40 €
Greece 45 € 70 €
Hungary 45 € 70 €
Ireland 30 € 40 €
Italy 40 € 50 €
Latvia 50 € 70 €
Lithuania 50 € 70 €
Luxembourg 20 € 25 €
Monaco 30 € 40 €
Norway 65 € 90 €
Poland 45 € 70 €
Portugal 40 € 50 €
Roumania 65 € 90 €
Slovakia 45 € 70 €
Slovenia 45 € 70 €
Spain 40 € 50 €
Sweden 40 € 50 €
Switserland 65 € 90 €
The Netherlands 20 € 25 €
Shipping Cost Abroad Euro  
China 90 € 115 €
Hong Kong 90 € 115 €
USA $60 $80
India 90 € 115 €
Japan 100 € 130 €
Taiwan 100 € 130 €


For most of our products you will have too much choice. No worries you can ask us an excel overview for the choices you have to choose reagents.

We will customized selection sheet for your Elisa, antibody or reagent. .


We use a next generation accounting software that regroups all our inventories and accounting in 9 different countries. This is extremely cost effective in shipping and resources.

We are till 70% lower than other suppliers due to the low overhead. Contact us for cost saving consultancy and advice.


We offer discounts if you order from the same supplier more products, more products in the same order regardless the source of origin and based of former orders.


We do not have fee samples but can offer special conditions for small quantities or in exchange of test results, validation results


We do not delete older websites since we believe it could be of interest to you what products existed in the past. The prices might be outdated however.


Gentaur uses the latest technology to smoothly and fast let you browse millions of reagents and filter them. We display large lists of results so you can use our site as an overview.

Also about shipping, any supplier will ship the products as fast to you as Gentaur Genprice. We have licenses for importing chemicals and reagents to let your products pass fast through customs.


Yes we have lot number quality reports for your Quality audits and ISO accreditation. We have protocols, buffer specifications and can disclose gene sequences.

Our website has not yet all these details so we welcome to contact us by chat, email or phone.


In Europe you can be invoiced from your country with VAT or from another without VAT. Outside Europe we do not calculate VAT.

We suggest with VAT, since it’s easier for your accounting and you will get this amount back anyway with your VAT nr. But the choice is yours.


We keep your credit to us for future orders except on explicit demand. How to obtain credit for a failed product.

We need the proof that he product is used as described in the data sheet, the work is documented properly with concentrations and reagent buffers, the product failure is reported within 100 days after the invoice date.

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