About Us

GENTAUR is a leading company for manufacturing, design, distribution and sales of various biotechnological products for molecular and cell biology, immunology, microbiology, virology, and so on.

We will offer you the best solutions for your research project with high-quality support and kind attitude provided from a strong team of biologists. Our broad range portfolio of reagents, in vitro diagnostic test kits and instruments will allow you to optimize and plan your research in the best way to achieve superioe results, saving both time and money.

Why Choose GENTAUR

  • Buy on the best price the exact product fitting your research.
  • Get your ordered items in short terms.
  • Receive free samples if available or obtain special conditions for bulk or larger quantities or also exchange your test results for validation.
  • Receive a professional advice for developing your scientific project.
  • Discuss with us and get a high quality technical support from our specialists on our LiveChat service 24/7.
  • Give us feeback for better quality support.
  • If you have ideas for new products we are interested in discussing distribution conditions.
  • Receive catalogues, posters and other marketing materials.

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