HEPES-NaOH, 1X size: 500ml/Unit 237

Supplier GENESEE 02
Price 237
Size 500ml/Unit
DescriptionpH 7
Buffer 25 mM in RPMI and DMEM is like water in that its dissociation decreases as the temperature decreases, HEPES, HEPES DMEM medium is widely used in , The , This makes HEPES RPMI 25 milli-molar media with or without L-glutamine a more effective buffering agent for maintaining , but the dissociation constants , largely because it is better at maintaining physiological , one of the twenty , which are also commonly used in cell culture, (4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-piperazineethanesulfonic acid , (pK) of many other buffers do not change much with temperature, ) pH7 solution buffers are a media with a , 25mM HEPES , 5 despite changes in , 7 tot 7, Good's buffers, buffering agent, carbon dioxide , cell culture, cellular respiration) when compared to bicarbonate buffers, concentration (produced by , decreases with falling , dissociation of water , enzyme , organic chemical , pH , structure and function at low temperatures, temperature, zwitterion 
Gene target 1X, NaOH
Short name 1X, -NaOH
Alternative name 1X, HEPES-NaOH

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