TE Buffer (Tris-EDTA), 10X

TE Buffer (Tris-EDTA), 10X size: 500ml/Unit 99

Supplier GENESEE 02
Price 99
Size 500ml/Unit
Description4, pH 7
Buffer As anticoagulant GENTAUR also uses heparin and sodium citrate to produce plasmas, K3 or Na EDTA disodium chelator at pH8, The Ethylene-diamine-tetra acetic acid with Cas nr 60-00-4 is called Edetic acid, The chemical formula is C10H16N2O8, Plasmas are treated with K2
Gene targetTE (Tris 10X
Short nameTE Buffer (Tris- ) 10X
Alternative name 10X, TE solution (Tris hydroxymethyl aminomethane-EDTA)

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